JBS Associates - Search and Selection For International Markets

About JBS Associates

Search & Selection for emerging Markets

"Successful executive search is not just about the inherent ability to spot the right person for a given organisation. Having detailed knowledge of global markets, businesses and organisational structures is the essential basis for informed and successful decisions for permanent managers."

Jonathan Stokes, MD and founder, JBS Associates

JBS Associates provides executive search solutions specifically for the international arena. From an initial base in London, the company now has international offices and is still expanding its staff of highly experienced executive search consultants.

At JBS Associates we believe we add value in two ways. We search diligently to locate and provide the best individual for any given role, and in addition we work with organisations to ensure that both clients and candidates maximise the benefits each brings. By fostering long term relationships with both clients and candidates we provide the highest quality of service, as well as constructive, impartial advice throughout the recruitment process.

Our service quality is based on:

  • an innate appreciation of an organisation and its local and global markets
  • a knowledgeable and intelligent search and selection capability
  • the ability to manage candidates and companies through the difficulties of the recruitment process, steering them to the right decisions
  • founding principals of transparency, honesty and integrity which we employ throughout all our business dealings